Dream Theater Live In Santiago, Chile 2005 DVD

CODE: 2266
Price: $7.99

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DVD Format: NTSC
Source: Professional-Shot (Multi-Camera)
Video Quality: Rating: 8.0
Menus: Yes
Chapter Selection: Yes
Widescreen: No
Total running Time: 160 Mins.

Set List:
Intro (In The Name Of God)
The Root Of All Evil
Panic Attack
A Fortune In Lies
Under A Glass Moon
Caught In A Web
Peruvian Skies
Strange Deja Vu
Through My Words
Fatal Tragedy
Solitary Shell
About To Crash
Losing Time/Grand Finale
15 min Intermission
As I Am

Endless Sacrifice
I Walk Beside You
Sacrificed Sons
John Petrucci Guitar Solo/The Spirit Carries On
Pull Me Under/Metropolis









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