Rock Meets Classic At Wacken Open Air, Germany 2015 DVD

CODE: 1452
Price: $7.99

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DVD Format: NTSC
Source: Professional-Shot (Multicamera)
Video Quality Rating: 8.5
Menus: Yes
Chapter Selection: Yes
Widescreen: Yes
Total Running Time: 85 Mins.


Orchestral Rock Medley
Thunderstruck (Ac/Dc Cover)
In The Shadows (Beyond The Black Cover((With Sascha Krebs)
Rage Before A Storm (With Jennifer Haben And Herbie Langhans)
I Surrender (Rainbow Cover) (With Joe Lynn turner)
Stargazer (Rainbow Cover) (With Joe Lynn turner)
A Little time (Helloween cover((With Michael Kiske)
Kids Of The Century (Helloween Cover) (With Michael Kiske)
I Want Out (Helloween Cover) (With Michael Kiske)
Pirates Of The Caribbean Suite (Klaus Badelt Cover)
You Can´t Stop Rock'N Roll (Twisted Sister Cover)(With Dee Snider)
The Price (Twisted Sister Cover)(With Dee Snider)
I Wanna Rock(Twisted Sister Cover)(With Dee Snider)
Highway To Hell (Ac/Dc Cover) (With Dee Snider)