Suzi Quatro Live In Ekaterinburg, Russia 2012 DVD

CODE: 1394
Price: $7.99

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DVD Format: NTSC
Source: Audience-Shot ( Single camera)
Video Quality Rating: 8.0
Menus: Yes
Chapter Selection: Yes
Total Running Time: 101 Mins.

Set List.

Rockin' In the Free World (Neil Young Cover)
I´ve Never Been In Love
I Don´t Do Gentle
A Girl Like Me
Stumbin' In
48 Crash
Can I Be Yor Girl? ( Suzi on Electric Piano)
Rock Hard
The Wild One
Tear Me Apart
She's In Love With You
Whaterver Love Is
Hurt With You
Your Mamma Won´t Like Me
Too Big
Glycerine Queen
Can The Can
Devil Gate Drive
If You Can´t Give Me Love
Sweet Little Rock & Roller (Chuck Berry Cover)
Strict Machine
Keep A Knockin' /Borm Making Noise