Pat Benatar T.V Collection 1979-2001 DVD

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DVD Format: NTSC
Source: Pro-Shot
Video Quality Rating: 8.0

Set List.

Heartbreaker - AB Vh1 Music First
I Need A Lover - AB Vh1 Music First
Hells For Children - Stage B
Hit Me With Your  First Shot (1980)
Hells For Children (1980)
Documentary & Interview
You Better Run - Dick Newman´s Catch a Rising Star (1982)
Little Too late - Dick Newman´s Catch a Rising Star (1982)

Pat Benatar Vh1 Behind The Music.

Heartbreaker -  Don Kirsner´s Rock concert
I Need a Lover - Don Kirshner´s Rock concert
We Need For Love - Don Kirshner´s Rock Concert
No You Don´t - Don Kirshner´s Rock concert