Live Classic Rock, Various Classic Rock Artists In Concert DVD

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CODE: 679
Price: $7.99

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DVD format: NTSC
Source: Professional-Shot( Multicamera)
Video Quality Rating:: 9.0
Menus: no

Set List.

America: Horse without Name
John Fogerty: Hey Tonight.
Paul Mccartney: Get Back.
The Shadows: Apache
John Fogerty: Proud Mary
Eric Clapton: I Shot The Sheriff, My Sweet Lorrd
America: The Thin Man
Paul Mccartney: Hey Jude.
The Shadows: Sleepwalk
Cliff Richards & The Shadows: Dynamite
Paul Mccartney: Eleanor Rigby.
Joe Cocker: Little Help From My Frineds.
The Eagles: Hotel California.
John Fogerty: Down on The Corner.
Cliff Riuchards & The Shadows: High Class Baby, C´mon Everybody
Paul Mccartney: Something