The 25th. Anniversary Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Concert MSG N.Y 2009 (2 DVds)

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Dvd Format: NTSC
Source: Pro-shot Multicamera
Video Quality Rating: 9.5
Menus: no

Set List: Not Available

The DVDs Include Performances Of various Rock music Artists who have been indicted in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Saloon for the last 25 years.

Performing in order on appearance:

Jerry Lee Lewis
Still, Crosby and Nash
Bonnie Rait
Jackson Browne
James taylor
Stevie Wonder
Smokey Robinson
john Ledger
Jeff Beck
Paul Simon
Leon Dimicci
Little Anthony and The Impurious
Simon & Garfunkel
Aretha Franklin
Annie Lennox
Lou Reed
Ozzy Osbourne
Ray Davies
Bruce Springsteen
Patti Smith
Mick Jagger
Fergie and
Jeff Beck & Sting
Buddy Guy
Billy Gibbons
Bruce Springsteen &
The E, Street Band.
Sam Moore
Tom Morello
John Fogerty
Darline Love
Billly Joel..