The White Stripes Live At The Amazonas Opera House Theater, Manaus Brazil 2005 DVD

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CODE: 365
Price: $7.99

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DVD Format: NTSC
Source: Professiona -Shot Multicamera
Video Quality Rating:  9.0
Menus: yes

Chapter Selection : yes


Set List.

 Blue Orchid
 Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground
 The Same Boy You´ve Always Known
 Little Ghost 
 Hotel Yorba
 When I Hear My Name
 Fell In Love With A Girl
 The Nurse
 St. James Infirmary Blues
 Passive Manipulation
 Screwdriver – Passive Manipulation
 I Just Don´t Know With Myself(aborted)
 I´ll be With You In Apple Blossom Time
 I just don´t what to do myself
 We´re going To be Friends( Outside The Venue and unamplified)
 Seven Nation Army 

 Total time : 47 Mins.